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Treat yourself to the essential Mas des Bories olive oils

Single varietal oil


Light green fruity

Extra virgin olive oil obtained from a single olive variety: 100% Salonenque.
Smooth and balanced, Salonenque oil is characterised by its smoothness in the mouth and delicate aromas of hazelnut and artichoke.

Smooth and creamy, an oil for all palates! 

All the olives used in its composition are :

  • 100% grown and harvested from the 700 Salonenque olive trees in our orchard.
  • 100% from trees native to Provence.

Mechanical process and 100% in-house production in our mill.


official olive oil france logo for mas des bories A typically Provençal olive variety, the Salonenque originates from the town of Salon de Provence where our estate is also located. It has been cultivated in the region for hundreds of years and perfectly magnifies the nature of this land.
Salonenque oil is one of the 4 main varieties included in the protected designation of origin Huile d'olive de Provence.

"My friend Stéphanie, mother of a large family, is a fan of Salonenque oil. Its discreet flavor pleases everyone, young and old. She uses it every day in her rice and pasta dishes, gratins and salads. - Claire


Excellent for health, due to its richness in omega-9 - monounsaturated fatty acids - and energizing, it is also rich in antioxidants that slow down cellular aging, and it strengthens immunity.


Harvest date: November 2023 - SHELF LIFE: 12/2026

Olive oil is a product that does not expire, but it is necessary to preserve it well. Therefore, to keep all its nutritional and taste properties, it is useful to preserve it from light, air and heat.

The pouring caps on our bottles offer an unparalleled user experience with perfect pouring without waste. In addition, they also provide ideal product protection, protecting the oil from oxidation due to exposure to air.


Price per liter: €36

Weight 1.58 kg


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